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Location: Los Angeles, CA
Call: 424-335-0105
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AboutEst. 1976

Robyn Turner, one of the only art dealers in the world to focus primarily on jade carvings after the Han period, has been dealing in Asian Art since 1976. With an inventory including Chinese glass, lacquer and bronzes, her specialty is Chinese jade. Robyn feels beneath every astounding collection, beneath every erudite collector, lies an excitable child driven not by prestige or power, but by passion.

Originally started out under the name of Ashkenazie & Company, Ashkenazie & Company handled all areas of Chinese and Japanese Art.  Ashkenazie was closed and then Robyn reopened on her own under Robyn Turner Gallery in 1995.

Primary Areas of Expertise

Asian Art specializing in Chinese Jade, Glass, Lacquer and early examples of Chinese and Japanese photographs and ceramics.

  • Asian

  • Sung ceramics

  • Chinese glass

  • Chinese jewelry

  • Chinese and Japanese photographs

  • Chinese Silver

From the Dealer

Viewing Jade throughout the centuries of Chinese History becomes magical and changes your perspective and enhances the way you view the world, in the past and in the present. Jade as a stone represents beauty, culture and peace…three factors that have been important since the beginning of mankind. It is comforting to know that in our present day due to the sophisticated archaeological and scientific techniques our knowledge and expertise’s now more accurate than ever before.

Appraisal Services Available.

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