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Location: 53 East 10th Street, New York, NY 10003
Call: 212-674-7611
Hours: Monday – Friday 10AM – 6PM, or by appointment.

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AboutEst. 1974

Since its founding in 1974 by Gerardus Widdershoven, Maison Gerard has specialized in fine French Art Deco furniture, lighting and objets d’art. It has sustained a particular focus on and passion for the work of Maison Leleu, the famed French design house to which the gallery has devoted three exhibitions, in addition to providing the introduction to Françoise Siriex’s definitive text, The House of Leleu: Classic French Style for a Modern World.

Maison Gerard has also helped to form the collection of Walter Chrysler Jr. which is now in the Chrysler Museum in Norfolk, VA, assembled the Design Collection of the Utsonomia Museum in Japan, and built numerous private collections. Exhibitions by Maison Gerard have presented the work of important Art Deco designers such as Jules Bouy, Jean-Michel Frank, Jules Leleu and E.J. Ruhlmann. Through shows such as The Birth of A Style: 1910-1925, Paris 1930, Primitive & Modern, and Dix Neuf Cent Quarante (1940), the gallery has sought to illustrate the subtle movements within this period.

Over the last decade, Maison Gerard has gained recognition for introducing and cultivating the talents of contemporary designers and artists including Hervé van der Straeten, Jean Girel, Marc Bankowsky, Jean-Bérenger de Nattes, Matthew Solomon, Carol Egan, Stephen Downes, Miguel Cisterna, Thomas Boog, Maria Grazia Rosin, Nicholas Howey, William Sullivan, Per Weiss, Aurélien Gallet, and Eric Astoul.

Most recently, the gallery has announced its representation of Israeli artist Ayala Serfaty, Italian architect Achille Salvagni, and Basque sculptor Zigor.

Maison Gerard has been a key source for top design firms including Brian J. McCarthy, David Kleinberg Design, Michael Smith Inc., Thad Hayes Design, Victoria Hagan Interiors, Benjamin Noriega-Ortiz, Pierce-Allen, The Wiseman Group, Fox-Nahem Design, Haynes Roberts, Inc., Jamie Drake Design, James Marzo Design, Robert Couturier Inc., Peter Marino Architect, and MR Architecture.

– The International Fine Art & Antique Dealers Show, NYC
– The Winter Antiques Show, NYC
– Collective Design Fair, NYC

For press inquiries please contact:
Stacy McLaughlin at

Primary Areas of Expertise

Specializing in French Art Deco furniture, lighting, and objects d’art. Showing the work of E.J. Ruhlmann, J.M. Frank, Jules Leleu and Maison Leleu, Dominique and other important designers of the 20th Century.

  • Ceramics (excl. Asian): European Pottery
  • Decorative Objects: Continental (European)
  • Furniture: Continental
  • Glass: Art Glass & Vases, Miscellaneous (Bowls, Sweetmeats, Dishes, etc.), Reverse Mirror Paintings
  • Lighting: Chandeliers, Lamps, Lanterns, Miscellaneous Lighting, Wall Lights
  • Rugs, Tapestries & Textiles: Rugs, Carpets & Kilims, Textiles
  • Sculpture (excl. Asian, Ancient & Medieval): Animalier, Art Deco & Art Nouveau
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