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Location: 480 Park Avenue, New York, NY 10022
Call: 212-752-6166
Email: info@jrobinson.com
Hours: Monday – Friday 10AM – 5PM, Saturday 10:30AM -4:30PM (seasonal)

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AboutEst. 1912

In 1912, James Robinson founded the firm bearing his name at 402 Madison Avenue in New York City where he specialized in Antique Silver and Antique Chinese Porcelains. After the First World War, he relocated to 721 Fifth Avenue at 57th Street and the firm remained in a one block radius of that site at 716 Fifth Avenue, 12 East 57th Street, and 15 East 57th Street until 1994 when it moved to its current location at 480 Park Avenue at 58th Street.

When James Robinson died in 1936, his brother-in-law, Edward Munves, succeeded him and was head of the firm until his death in 1983. Under his direction, the importance of Antique Silver was strengthened and a more significant emphasis was placed on English and French Porcelains and Glass. Edward Munves, Jr. joined the firm in 1952 and over the next decade jewelry was added to the inventory of top quality antique decorative arts. In addition, the firm expanded their unique collection of modern hand-made sterling silver. Carrying on the family tradition, Joan Boening joined her grandfather and father in 1979 and has been instrumental in elevating the Antique Jewelry collection to international prominence. She is now the president of James Robinson, Inc.

Today, the firm is best known for its outstanding Antique Jewelry of the 19th Century and Art Deco Jewelry of the 20th Century; Antique Silver of the 16th through 18th Centuries; Antique Porcelain services from England and the Continent; and Antique Table Glass. Also of note are the unique Handmade Sterling Silver reproductions in flatware, tea and coffee sets, candlesticks and trays which the firm produces today in the same manner in which they were crafted in the 18th Century. In every speciality, the main criteria in selecting objects are authenticity, workmanship, artistry, and condition, qualities evident in each article.

Primary Areas of Expertise

Specializing in antique jewelry, silver, glass, and china; objets de vertu, handmade English sterling silver flatware and silver reproductions.

Ceramics (excl. Asian): British Porcelain, European Porcelain
Decorative Objects: Continental (European)
Glass: Drinking glasses, pitchers & decanters
Jewelry: Bracelets, Brooches, Earrings
Silver: English & Irish Silver before 1900

From the Dealer

Why should you purchase handmade sterling silver spoons and forks?

Quite simply, because they are the best there is anywhere and you will enjoy using them every day.

Really handmade flatware is hammered out of bars of sterling silver by craftsmen who compact it to make it much denser than machine stamped sterling. This results in harder silver and, being harder and tougher than machine made sterling, handmade sterling silver spoons and forks can and should be used every day and washed in a dishwasher. Whereas handcrafted, handforged, and machine made sterling will end up looking like pewter or steel if cleaned this way, handmade sterling will retain its luster and the look of silver.

Hardness and toughness also will ensure that patterns will remain sharp and pronounced as you use them every day. Machine stamped silver patterns tend to wear down over years of use, especially if cleaned in a dishwasher.

Moreover, our extra heavy handmade spoons and forks have a wonderful feel and balance, making eating more enjoyable. And, they are more beautifully crafted than anything a machine can produce. You will enjoy using them daily and your guests will be impressed, too.

In addition, most of our patterns can be altered to suit your particular taste and individuality. For instance, all three prong forks are also made with four prongs. All knives are offered with a choice of blades. All plain pattern spoons and forks can be lengthened or shortened to fit your needs. All patterns can have their handles turned up or down, as you prefer. And there is no limit to the number and variety of serving pieces we can supply.

Are you a designer? Do you want to create your own design? Or have youseen a pattern you would like us to make? virtually any plain pattern can be handmade by our expert silversmiths. Only truly handmade silver can be offered with these options.

If you buy good food and spend the time to cook it well, why not eat it with equally good flatware? With a history of about 500 years behind them, our silversmiths have established a justified reputation for quality. This is the silver that impresses the whole world. The proof is on the tables of our customers.

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